A Different Kind of Gentleman

This is what I imagine every time I look down the British tag.

Edit: Has no one actually noticed this post is a joke yet? You know with the “This is what I imagine every time I look down the British tag”? Is the fact you’ve probably not seen any of these pictures anywhere else something of a clue that it might not be real? Doesn’t the last one with the coke and hamburger sound more offensive than affectionate?! If you’re here and you’ve clicked on the source link to get here, you probably either got the joke or are just checking to clarify. Thank you! And sorry for confusing a tonne of people; I just thought it would be funny to parody the old tumblr Anglophile posts by turning them round for Americans to see kind of how it looks to us. The views reflected in this post are only representative of a vast minority of British youth! People, depending where you go, and probably not in London, because of the multiculturalism, might be intrigued by you, but there is nothing close to a fetishisation. But we certainly don’t hate you! Well at least not as individuals. Some people might not think America is there kind of place, but you’re just a person after all; nice or nasty. And if you are over in England you’ve most probably got your lovely tourist money to spend as well, which is bound to go down well with the natives. (And most of you are really lovely as well, of course.)

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